About Me
Hey, I'm 
Sayam Kanwar.
I'm a full-stack developer from New Delhi, India.
Code. Coffee. Errors.
I am a full stack developer specializing in back end development and also a 19-year-old student at Purdue University. What captivates me most is crafting solutions for the obstacles we face in our everyday life through modern technologies like Machine Learning. The standout though, is PHP, one of my most favourite languages that unlocked the world of cybersecurity for me and brought in the fascinating knowledge of preventing cyber attacks such as SQL Injection and XSS attack, to name a few.

I have always had an innate zeal for taking part in coding contests and competitions and subsequently, have also brought laurels for my high school in the same. These competitions have provided me with a more holistic idea about the realm of coding and also helped me further hone my coding proficiency. A fervent desire to work has made me the President of XINO, the Computer Club of Delhi Public School Rohini, President I.T. in the Student Council and a member of various other co-curricular clubs in my high school.

While the enigmatic sphere of technology has been at the forefront of all my interests, when I am not coding, I love to dance. It helps me rejuvenate and enliven myself and helps me become onewith everything that exists beyond me.
What's unique about me?
For me, it is fundamentally and intellectually important to create effective and inspiring solutions while also enhancing the user experience in any product I contribute to. Whether it's building a website or working on a school project, my aim is to always strive to bring an original and innovative outlook to it. Exploring and developing my own techniques excites me most when it comes to working on web development.
An archive of my projects
AI-based Personal Dance Assistant
Dancem8 allows the user to upload an image of their attempt at the dance step they wish to hone. It then runs a pose estimation analysis on the user's uploaded image and compares the pose to that of a professional dancer through a self-written algorithm. The comparison returns qualitative feedback that helps the user understand what they're doing wrong and how to correct it.

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Touch Inverse
Developer Tool
Touch Inverse is a Javascript library to add hand-gesture based navigation control to any website to increase the accessibility. This can be done with the addition of just 2 lines of code to an existing website. It uses Tensorflow at the backend to classify hand gestures and return the results through a custom python API.

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Edutech Playground
Interactive Python Crash Course
Edutech Playground is an interactive Python crash course in Hindi to provide the rural population of India an opportunity to learn the basics of Python in a DIY environment. It was built for Edutech Academy.

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Intelligent Note-Taking Web App
Abridge is a one-of-its-kind service that can be used to summarise large texts and annotate lectures. It has been implemented using the concepts of Natural Language Processing. With Speech to Text support, Abridge can also be used by deaf and limb amputated students to annotate lectures.

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NLP based MOOCs Translator
Lingz is an easy to use service that makes MOOCs and other courses available in more languages so that learning can never be restricted in the boundaries of World Languages. It was prototyped for the Conrad Challenge in 2018.

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Golden Hour
An AI based Emergency Detector
Golden Hour is camera-enabled device based on raspberry pi which processes a real-time video feed using Machine Learning to analyse it for abnormalities like a seizure or fainting and instantly calls emergency services if such a threat is detected.

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Developer Tool
BaseKit is a PHP Library for anyone who wants to try their hand at PHP - from beginners to professionals. BaseKit allows developers to code without worrying about security issues. Developers can include BaseKit in their projects and use their functions very easily.

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The Trade Tycoons
Barter System Simulation Game
The Trade Tycoons is a web-based simulation game which simulates the experience of real-time Barter system. Teams are supposed to trade their items to form the highest value set to win.

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Static Website Generator
Webmaster is an easy-to-use tool to generate a static website within minutes. It takes in the details of the user and instantly presents a website with the user’s details and also provides an option to download the website’s source code.

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Online Food Ordering System
CIBO is a prototype of an online food ordering system, similar to those of famous fast food companies. It can be used by any restaurant as it provides an interactive menu with a built-in live search.

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An AI based Email Summarizer
Daakster is an artificial intelligence-based smart email summarizer platform which extracts useful content from formal emails. Although it works with Gmail presently, it’ll expand to other services too in the near future. 

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Travel Planner Web App
pinGO is a prototype of a user-friendly travel planner web app which allows the users to determine holiday destinations using certain filters such as weather, population, etc. It also makes use of Google’s Street View API to show the users a preview of the destinations.

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Sayam Kanwar