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Who am I?

I am Sayam Kanwar, a web developer specializing in back end development. I am a year old student studying at Delhi Public School, Rohini. I am experienced with all stages of web development. I am well-versed in numerous languages including PHP and Javascript. PHP has always been one of my favorite languages which leads me to entering into the world of hacking and learning the ability to prevent different types of cyber security attacks such as SQL Injection, XSS attack and many more, with which I create secured web apps. Currently, I'm upgrading myself to new and modern languages for back end development such as Python and Node JS. I have also recently started gaining interest towards Machine Learning algorithms and I'm trying my hand at it. I also have a little experience of mobile app development (both Android and iOS).

For me, it is fundamentally and intellectually important to create effective and inspiring solutions, and to enhance the user experience. Whether it's building a website or working on a school project, I always try to bring an original and innovative outlook to it. I adore exploring and developing my own techniques when it comes to web development.

I'm always interested in participating in coding contests and competitions and I have represented my school and won in various inter-school competitions which have given me the exposure to a wide array of ideas and helped me revamp my coding skills. I'm also very keen to work which makes me a member of various clubs of my school such as XINO (Computer Club), Bizeco (Commerce Society), DPSRMUN (MUN Society) and Infinity (Quizzing Club).

I have spent most of my childhood in developing my interest towards the functionality of the web but when I'm not coding, I like to read about the trends and the companies across the globe associated with technology. This inspires me to think out of the box and produce efficient solutions.

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